Best Demat Account in India in 2024.

Why We Must Select The Right Best Demat Account?

* To choose the most Trust Demat Account guarantees the Protection of your securities’ electronic storage system.

* The Demat Account in India allows you to access your securities, at any time and from any place, and you can trade them easily, and You will trade quickly.

* The biggest advantage of a Demat Account is that it provides fewer transaction Charges, and allows you to save your money on trading.

* Many Demat Accounts offer research and analysis tools to help you make your investment decisions.

best Demat account in India

List of the Best Demat Accounts In India.

To Find the Accounts I have researched a lot, here is the list.

Best Demat Account in India*1


Zerodha is a financial services company founded by Nithin and Nikhil Kamath in 2010, it operates in India. Delve into Zerodha’s business strategy, revenue, profits, and other relevant information.

India’s largest stockbroker, Zerodha offers the best and most affordable brokerage rates in futures and options trading, commodity trading, and equity and mutual funds trading.

Pros Corns
No brokerage for equity delivery tradesopening account maintenance charges
User friendly platformOnly we can use it in India
Better customer services

Best Demat Account in India*2

best Demat account in India


Upstox is the Best Demat Account In India which is the leading discount broking firm in India, With the minimum trading charges and advanced technology, we can Start Trading in the Share Market, SIP, IPOs, Mutual Funds, Indices, and Commodities at Upstox. Established in 2009, they have expanded from a small team to a big one with more than 1 crore investors all over the country.

Pros Corns
We can place a trade with simple zero upi chargesinvestors have face-to-face interactions
we can invest in digital goldLimited-time customer support

Best Demat Account in India*3


5paisa, the rapidly expanding retail brokerage company in India, stands as the pioneering fintech enterprise to achieve a listing, having successfully operated for approximately seven years.

pros Corn
A fixed fee of 20 Rs per order will be charged regardless of the trade size.Research and advisory services are not offered within the Optimum Plan.
Free Mutual Fund accountFree Mutual Fund account

Best Demat Account in India*4

Angle one

Angel One Limited, is a retail broker-dealer specializing in stock broking, currency broking, commodity broking, and margin trading, And it has more that 2M followers on its Instagram account.

Pros Corns
For Beginners hand-holding and training are available.Margin funding is given to the customers without notice
it has very low brokerage feeit has a very low brokerage fee

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